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TheNYPOST story explains some of the implications of why the JACKSON’s are Flat Broke. Who would have guess that the family from [singing] 2300 Jackson Street, is not the black royalty family anymore.
Like their days growing up in hardscrabble Gary, Ind., the Jacksons are approaching poverty. Tough times have the clan recalling how the six boys and three girls shared a shingled home with a two-car garage, when Joseph worked in a steel mill and mother Katherine, 77, scoured thrift shops to clothe her brood.
THEIR home now, called Hayvenhurst, sits on more than five acres and is adorned with Michael's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, statues of animals, a lush flower garden, a dollhouse and a four-car garage with the word "Welcome" written above it.
But the beauty belies the family's dark fiscal troubles - workers often go months without a paycheck, and Janet Jackson, 41, the new breadwinner in the family, purchased a Vegas home for her mother in anticipation of her eventually losing Hayvenhurst.
"It was better in Gary, Indiana," Jermaine said a couple of years ago.

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