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We all know that this illegal thing happens and it is no secret that it will continue to go down. The sad part about this situation is it is hurting the small business street marketing companies. What am I talking? I’m talking about STREET PLASTERING. This STREET PLASTERING technique has gotten a lot of street marketers fined and even in jail. What is the big deal you ask yourself?
But the big deal is that David W. Dunlap states in his NY Times blog that he was assaulted by a member of a street team that was putting up Rocko posters and objected to him photographing the illegal scene.

Rocko’s label, Island Def Jam, said through a spokesman that it had “ceased this type of postering some time ago and had nothing to do with what transpired here.” Island Def Jam Music Group is part of the Universal Music Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vivendi.

Look at more of what the blogger points out. These allegation from the management company seem kind of weird because I know their management company and they always appear to be so nice and cordial to media.

Rocko’s management company is Emanon Musiq Management of Atlanta. (”No name,” spelled backward.) I left a telephone message and sent an e-mail inquiry on Thursday. On Friday, a woman answering the phone at Emanon said the people I needed to talk to were “out of the office this week” and that she had forwarded my messages.
I am still awaiting a return call.


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