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What will it take for the African American Community to understand that there is a huge epidemic that has surfaced in the past 5-10 years and it needs to be address. Many women in the Atlanta,Ga. area are faced with the scare of not knowing if their man is DownLow(DL) or not.

We are trying to take a look at why is this happening and hear some of the stories that has plague the African American women. Some women are walking around and don’t even know they have contracted the disease.

In this video, it talks about how the church have some of these DL pastors leading the congregation but preaching “cast –out GAYS” in the church sermons.

Women you just need to ask yourself some questions to make yourself safe.
One question I will ask you is ….. Have your man ever gave another man a business card and don’t have any reason to ‘??

All in all we know this is a crisis and if we don’t talk about it .. we will never be aware of how to fix it ….

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