[Urban Politics 101]-Did you see the CNN special – ‘Black in America” + Did it go deep enough for you ?

By Premier on Thursday, July 24, 2008 with 3 comments


Lets first begin by saying this seris will air - July 23 & 24th @9pm ET. On CNN
For programming info. in your region check outThis HERE !

There is a series on CNN that will be airing for millions of viewers to see this coming Wednesday and Thursday, I would like to get your feedback as to what you would like to expect after watching this . Soladad O’Brian has been a favorable journalist of mine and I believe she will do this series justice.

But my question to you all is if the seris went deep enough to forego educational dialogue amongst a nation of black America. View this video below and tell me what you think

"Blacks in America": Being misrepresented in the Media.

After watching this video , it should make you ponder about how things tend to go in the respects to Black America misrepresented nature in the Americas. Have Blacks become complacent to the mere fact that “If it has no bearing against them they are cool?”

One day you have to be accountable for your actions.

"Blacks in America": Interview w/ Whoopi Goldberg.

I don’t know if some of you like Ms Goldberg but she touch on some interesting points that I know some of you go through ….especially some of you out there that have multiple degrees and you are very cultured. Many times our ‘white’ friends think it is a compliment to say that you speak so well…. In fact that is the most offensive thing you can say to a black educated person.

[My Urban Report.com] -Soledad O'Brien Interview "Black in America"

First of all big shouts to my man Mr. Channel at My Urban Report. This was a very exclusive detailed account of how this seris even came about. Take the time to watch this interview and you will see why I love this journalist and respect what she has done for this entire Black in American series.

"Blacks in America": Malcolm X speaks on the African-American experience.

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Rahiem Shabazz said...
Wed Jul 23, 05:02:00 PM

I will be front and center tonight watching this series.

Premier said...
Wed Jul 23, 09:27:00 PM

I hope more black men will be watching this . This is something that should be talked about even if you dont like the seris, it will get your mind going in the right direction !!!!!

Original Black Buddha said...
Thu Jul 24, 06:15:00 PM

Just letting you know I stopped by.


Keepin' it real,
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