R. Kelly is acquitted at child pornography trial

By Premier on Saturday, June 14, 2008 with 8 comments



Wow…. This has been a long road for you the fans and the non-fans but it is finally in- R.Kelly is free Man…..Or is he?
A Chicago jury has acquitted R Kelly. of all child pornography charges after less than a day of deliberations.
The 12-person jury reached their verdict after just seven-and-a-half hours of deliberations.
Now that the trial is over, will this increase the celebrity of R.Kelly or will this make R.Kelly hated by hundreds of thousands. Not in the defense of R.Kelly or anything but , We all know that some of these girls are too HOT in the pants for their own good.
No blame on this little girl in this video but lets make her take the responsibility that we forced R.Kelly to do for these past few years. Now I will say this, R.kelly does need to get some help. We all know that R.Kelly has some problems and he needs help.
Let’s not Judge this man any longer and get him some real live help.
What happen in the last day leading up the verdict see below:
The Grammy award-winning singer dabbed his face with a handkerchief and hugged each of his four attorneys after the verdict was read. The singer had faced 15 years in prison if convicted.
Prosecutors had argued that a graphic sex tape showed Kelly having sex with a girl as young as 13 at the time. Both Kelly, 41, and the now 23-year-old alleged victim had denied they were on the tape. Neither testified during the trial.
The prosecution's star witness was a woman who said she engaged in three-way sex with Kelly and the alleged victim. Defense attorneys argued the man on the tape didn't have a large mole on his back; Kelly has such a mole.
The month long trial centered on whether Kelly was the man who appears on a sexually graphic, 27-minute videotape at the heart of the case, and whether a female who also appears on it was underage.


  • #1- This Trial went on entirely too long for R.Kelly to really get convicted in a case like this.

  • #2- What jury of his peers would convict him now after all of these Remixs and appearances that put him in a favorable light.
  • #3- Actually there may have been more videos but we only had a chance to see one or two videos that really didn’t show a clear picture of who he was.
  • #4-The girl in the trail never really came forward like the other girls did in the previous cases. These girls seem to not even know what the jury was speaking of.
  • #5- Most people that wanted to convict him a few years ago has let the entire possibility go of him being a pedophile.

  • These are some of the reasons I believe, tell me how you feel about this case…..!

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    L.I. Tucker said...
    Fri Jun 13, 06:16:00 PM

    he paid for it can be another reason...

    Delano1love said...
    Fri Jun 13, 06:38:00 PM

    At first wind of the acquittal my thoughts paralled those of L.I. Tucker. But after some time I conclude that the reason R. Kelly was found not-guilty was because of a lack of evidence. Now I've read that the guy in the tape looks a lot like R.Kelly, but there is no way to prove it. The entire ordeal will be cut in stone (but not our minds)as an attempt to railroad the star for his money, which is better suited for his personal business expenses like paying his lawyer and settling some out-of court matters with The Sony Handicam Relief Effort and The P.U. College Loan Repayment Plan.

    Premier said...
    Fri Jun 13, 07:34:00 PM

    You guys are so right.. but the main issue to me is that there was not enough evidence to convict this man. IN the matter of public opinion they wanted to convict him... be sides people love his music so they don't want to see him go down

    starbourne said...
    Fri Jun 13, 07:43:00 PM

    It figures. When it somes to sex its not a black or white thing , its a money thing. If u have enough youre good to go. I am an R.kelly fan sad to say:) but the women are also to blame. I was having sex at 13 and if R.kelly approached me with a smile and some money, hell I might've went 4 it so lets just keep it real. Most men are doing it from my experience. Theres always a little dirter willing to do a lil something extra.

    Bevon Findley said...
    Fri Jun 13, 07:48:00 PM

    There was never enough evidence. I mean how the guy not having a mold. What all of a sudden he grew a mold?
    Besides they never had a smoking gun. They just wasted the states money, when it could have been used for something else.

    OJ did it, so now R. Kelly did.

    garner said...
    Sat Jun 14, 03:37:00 AM

    this is a mess - goes to show how loopholes work

    Tiffany said...
    Sat Jun 14, 06:29:00 PM

    Okay lets be real, everyone knew he was getting off. Yes I watched one of the videos and if u haven't already u would be in denial if u said u don't want to. There was no way to prove that the man in the video was R. Kelly it was way to blurry. If I was on the jury I would have also aquitted R. Kelly, not only because I am a fan but because I could not say that I believe he was guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt". Besides the way that girl moved she knew what the hell she was doin and had been doin it for quite some time.

    Premier said...
    Mon Jun 16, 01:44:00 AM

    Yall know that man is innocent..... dont be in denial!!