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As horrible of an album Usher has, he still is promoting this shit with a new photo shoot with Vibe Magazine. Usher covers the July 2008 issue discussing some of the rumors in the marriage he has.

Does Usher still have his Swag????


“My mother is an aggressive person. She makes hard decisions, and she caused me to make a hard decision as well”. However, he doesn’t consider letting his mom go as his a manager firing her. In his eyes, he paid her the “ultimate compliment– to retire her to be a full-time grandmother. My mother and I decided to change her situation. There was a conversation. I didn’t write her a letter or pink slip her.”

Yea right Usher, Now is not the time to clean up your old mess. Your Mom is moving on and trying to promote her new artist.
I was forced to kiss Marques Houston

In other news, in the same issue of Vibe….. There has been more allegations that Chris Stokes is a Child Doo Doo chaser. Listen to the shocking interviews as told to Vibe magazines acclaimed writer Linda Hobbs.
If you really want to see what the hell went down in this B2K world , pick up a copy of this issue because the shit is about to hit the fan. Chris Stokes may take the place of R.Kelly; as the “Child Pedophile of America” !
I was always skeptical as to how Raz B and Ricky Romance accused Chris Stokes with much conviction and then had a recent retraction. That was totally some suspect activity. I can’t wait until this shit hit the fan.

The Most interesting part was when interviewed Chris Stokes' former artist Quindon Carter (best known for his remake of Prince's When Doves Cry). Read the transcripts below.. you cant make this type of stuff up in the best Dave Chapelle skit

Tarver's first meeting of Chris Stokes:
When Chris Stokes met Quindon Tarver, Stokes asked him to belt something out on the spot. He was impressed by the boy's silky, anointed voice. "He told my mom he wanted to fly us to L.A.," Tarver says. But there was another thing Stokes needed to mention. "I'm getting ready to go to court on a molestation charge," Tarver says Stokes told him and his mother, "but it's not true and I'm going to win it."

Here's Tarver on getting signed:
"It happened like overnight," Tarver recalls with awe in his voice. Stokes promised him he'd win a Grammy, but says Tarver, "everything just started going downhill after my first album."

Take a load off and look at QUINDON NOW:

Looking back, he says he was "manipulated," "cheated," and "sabotaged" by Stokes. But according to Tarver, the damage to his career was just the beginning. "I have had some things that haunted me for quite some time," he says, his voice in a whisper. "He is a very dirty, rotten guy."

And Tarver goes into detail:
"For a certain amount of years, I was molested. I wouldn't say exactly by Chris, but he would organize it." Tarver stops speaking. It sounds like he's hyperventilating. "He'd organize activities to be done as he sat and watched ... Watching or coaching, if you will.

He would make another member of [Immature] like come and do things ... Oh my God. Four years. It was rough."

Tarver says Stokes made him take showers with the other boys. He says Stokes would ask him, "Who do you think of at night when you masturbate?" He says Stokes made him and Marques Houston kiss each other. "[I can take] a lie detector test, anything," he says. "This is just a little bit of the things I went through."

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Tiffany said...
Sat Jun 14, 06:38:00 PM

I'm an Usher just as much as the next person but with this past album I'm starting to doubt Usher and if he still has it. I don't know if it's the fact that he no longer has his mother watchin his back helping him make great decision or if its the new non-bachlor life style that he now leads. They say and artist music represents their life and right now I'm just not feelin his life. I thinks its going to take some out of this world performances to make up for the lack of umm "greatness" in this album. I'll just keep listening to it over and over again and maybe it will grow on me.

Jizzai said...
Sun Jun 15, 11:21:00 PM

Jaheim who? Where has this guy been hiding? This man can SANG AND he's easy on the eyes!!! With an industry so focused on the MILLI's, it's such a shame that talent such as this goes unnoticed.

Premier said...
Mon Jun 16, 01:39:00 AM

Really? Does anyone care about talent anymore? I find it so appalling that people that can really sing and even have a slight look even fall under the radar.....

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