Mario Performs @ R&B Live Atlanta !

By Premier on Friday, April 18, 2008 with 0 comments

Look who finally decided to show up last night at R&B Live Atlanta. Mario, the D-list R&B sensation came 2 ½ hours later then expected. No hatred intended to the PR Firm (Garner Circle Pr) that invited us out to the event –[their only doing what they are told] ; but the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ guy to damn late.

Half the media left way before the Mario actually decided to show up. Lets be for real , Mario is you not that HOT to come that late to a performance.

Some of the celebrities that decided to show love to the organizers of this event, COMPOUND ENTERTAINMENT; MUTE ; J ERVING GROUP were JoJo, Compound Entertainment new artist Angelica,Jody Breeze, Bone Crusher, Young Stef [ do you remember him?] Ike Dirty and many more.

Overall the event was less then stellar but it was a good night for some good R&B music. If they have another one of these events I would like to see a bigger roster of artist just dropping by to show love and getting on the stage in a real impromptu way because this needs some work.

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