T.I. AND THE 'RESPECT MY VOTE' CAMPAIGN + T.I. Album gets pushed back

By Premier on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 with 0 comments


We wanted to take the time to show the flyer that started it all for the rally you are seeing on everyones blog.
We like to add something different for most of your blogs.
Look at corny ass stephen hill(First one from the right) of BET looking like a corn-ball.
We are proud of the boy T.I. taking the stand for getting people out to vote.

More in T.I. News:

T.I.'s upcoming album, "Paper Trail", has changed release date once again. The album was due in September, then moved to Aug 12, then moved back to both Sept. 2 and Sept. 9. It will now arrive Sept. 30, according to the rapper's publicist.

"We're not ready yet," the publicist told Billboard. Two months ago with an interview with Billboard T.I. spoke about moving the date to August, he stated "There was a great demand for the product". "Once we put out "No Matter What" we got so much positive responses that we moved up the date."

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