Jesse Jackson Caught on Tape: Wants to Cut Obama NUTS OFF!!!

By Premier on Friday, July 11, 2008 with 2 comments

UPDATE: Jesse Apologizes...Sort Of
“Well, they were hurtful and wrong, that’s the whole point,” Jackson said of his words. “And when you make mistakes you should not equivocate. You should be quick to go into offensive and not try to be evasive. And if it was said to him personally or in some public forum it would be even more hurtful. In this case, my error was responding to a question before a live mic. And so when he does hear them they will not be helpful; they will be hurtful. We have a relationship that can survive this.”

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Tiffany said...
Sat Jul 12, 12:18:00 PM

Can we say jealous
Why is it that we as black people can never be supportive over other black people who are doing well. Okay so Jessie Jackson wants to be president too. It wasn't meant for him to be president, he has played and is still playing his role in the black community. We have found a black man who the nation supports lets not forget that all people make mistakes especially Jessie Jackson, we haven't forgotten that he has a bastard child out there, we haven't forgotten that you cheated on his wife. We want a black man in office who can show the moral and uplifting parts of black people. All in all don't be jealous and envious be supportive.

Premier said...
Sat Jul 12, 12:38:00 PM

Well you are totally right. I think the world is so quick to judge and they dont look in their own house. I think jesse Jackson and Al Shrpton dont see themselves getting into the Obama Plan because they are soley black and i think that totally scares them !