[Video] JD & Famous DJ Greg Street has some harsh words!!

By Premier on Sunday, June 08, 2008 with 3 comments

Now rightfully so, Greg Street-the peoples DJ, is going off in a tirade about DJ’s not being dead. How in the world did we come to JD and Greg Street getting into a battle?

Now if you look at both videos, the two have some valid point among most things but the two needs to really fall back and stop being so sensitive about this music.

It all could have escalated with the recent banter of Lil Wayne and his remarks about Dj’s and how he really doesn’t bother associating himself with them.

If you are in ATL, you know that the two has major pull in various arenas but as you listen to Greg Street-JD does not have any more pull in the music business as far as creating real HITS.

The two also work at he same radio station. Jemaine Dupri (JD) host a radio show on Atlanta’s VEE 103 and Greg Street also works at the same station in the 6-10 mix show spot.

Now we are back here again – two powerful forces in music about to face of and in the same area and mingle with the same counterparts. I wonder how this is really going to play out because I look at the two and know that this is not going to end pretty.

What’s your thoughts?

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ATL_HONEY said...
Tue Jun 10, 12:07:00 AM

gotta love the plug at the end of Greg's video to drive JD's point home.

Greg str8 comical though!

GeminiFemme said...
Tue Jun 10, 08:11:00 PM

Well Greg's video is not longer available. But I somewhat agree with JD. I mean yeah a DJ is supposed to support the artists and put them out there for exposure across the airwaves, but they cannot rely solely on the DJ. The reason artists get a Publicist, A&R's , and have promo and street teams are to PROMOTE THE ARTIST, AND SPREAD THE WORD....about the artists in a positive light. This is not 1983, 84.... where DJ's were the voice behind the artists and Emcees. JD wake up.... Greg Street kicks ass from K104 in Dallas to ATL. It's 6 o clock time for street to rock.

Premier said...
Fri Jun 13, 07:42:00 PM

I would have to disagree... The new Dj has evolved certainly but DJ's need to just spin records and promote artist and try to break artist. Stop getting the Diddy Syndrome.. Trying to get all up in the videos and shit!!