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You have to T.I.P your hat off to the man, rapper T.I. ! He is owning up to his responsibility and he talked about it on Atlanta radio this morning with WHTA HOT 107.9 “A-Team” with Rashaan Ali, Griffy 2k3, Emperor Sercy, Akini !

The candid interview embodied some of the heart felt sentiments T.I. has been going through with even raising his kids through this entire process.

I have to say I was really proud of Rashaan Ali for the types of questions that were ask to T.I. This interview showed how T.I. is a human being with mistakes that will get through this situation one day at a time.

They two went on to talk about the beef or shall I say the alleged beef with fellow Atlanta rapper Ludacris ! [This one got heated]
Check back in a few we are working on getting this audio !

LISTEN HERE---T.I. - Hot107.9 Interview | Hip Hop Songs > TheHipHopPublicist.com

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