R.Kelly Case : The Jury is set !!!!!

By Premier on Friday, May 16, 2008 with 0 comments

R.Kelly may have to sit his ass down and lay off the remix game because the Jury is set and the trail will begin shortly. As you can, this trial has taken such a long time to commence, Kellz better watch out because they have stacked the deck for the CHILD-PORNO-HOE !

Kelly's attorneys objected as prosecutors used challenges to have several blacks dismissed from the jury pool.
"I think they're using these (challenges) to get rid of African Americans," said Sam Adam Sr., one of Kelly's attorneys. A little later, he complained that prosecutors have "used 50 percent of their challenges on African Americans."
Prosecutor Shauna Boliker shot back, telling the judge that the defense had "used all six of their preemptories (preemptory challenges) on whites."

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