John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama !!! [What does that mean ? ]

By Premier on Thursday, May 15, 2008 with 0 comments

Former presidential candidate John Edwards says he is throwing his support behind Sen. Barack Obama.
Bottomline, this is one more superdelegate that has stepped up to endorse Obama ! Superdelegates will be the deciding factor in chosing the democratic candidate.

This doesn’t come as a surprise for me but the former Presidential nominee John Edwards has endorsed Barack Obama. Wether your supporting Clinton or Obama, this is huge for the democratic party.


In this election, it needs to be more in concern of the issues instead of the back-room politics.

Last night, President Bush attack Sen. Obama with a statement concerning OBMABA’s way of approaching foreign policy. This was an blatant attack on Sen. Obama and should not be acceted in the political process.

Might I add the President has officially endorsed the Republican [presumptive] nominee John McCain. The worl id not fair , but I have understood in the world of politics, “WHAT IS FAIR REALLY” ?

Make sure you get out an vote and “MAKE A CHANGE”

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