DJ Doo Wop Responds To Lil’ Wayne Mixtape Comments !!!

By Premier on Friday, May 30, 2008 with 0 comments

Hey there… You know I had to do some research and get this dialogue going for my avid readers…. And I am looking to get a real good discussion going on with this….
Now I found this video about the response to Lil Wayne comments…. And I have to say it is kind of slanderous but real amusing to say the least … You have to watch it all the way through check it out….

Now that you watched it all the way through, did you see at the beginning how it built the case and then put snippets in there to make a case. This reminds me of Fox news taking snippets of Obama’s former pastor Jerimiah Wright … Bogus…. ! All in all “ IT’S ONLYYY ENTERTAINMMMMMMMMENT !

Just like the dude said he is not in the mixtape thing no more.. lay off the boy ….lol ! No Homo !In fact the dude may be crazy but who are we to judge… and why the hell did DJ Doo Wop do a piece on this… he know when he play a Lil Wayne track the club is blazing…..

I guess we will see who got the last laugh

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