Is Q Parker (112) starting a dance group?

By Premier on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 with 0 comments

Nooooooooo! He’s not quite starting a dance group but something close
Remember “Q” from the R&B group 112? Well she wants you to not forget him because he is really doing some new things in the industry. You would have never guess he would have anything to do with dancing because 112 didn’t dance much but he hosted a dance competition in Atlanta, a few days ago.

This all comes on the brink of “Q Parker’s” new album REAL TALK !

Some of the judges were:
judges included Q Parker, Antwanette McCollum (dancer), Aal Jamal (choregrapher).

Read below on how the dance competition

Q is seeking passionate dancers to accompany him on tour and performances around the release of his solo project "Real Talk."

We are looking for women dancers 18 years and older. Please bring a high heel shoe/boot with appropriate dance attire and be prepared to learn a short routine. Bring a head shot or snap shot and dance biography if applicable.

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