I'm on the Cover of Vibe again.......and WHAT?

By Premier on Wednesday, April 02, 2008 with 0 comments


Yes , Yes, Yes, Weezy F is on the cover of Vibe again…and what?
I was looking to see if I really cared about ‘my man’ [ with subtle flashbacks of American Gangsta] being on the cover of Vibe again…ummm ! I don’t but for the Weezy haters this post is for you .

There is apparently some people out there that like Weezy because a major magazine would not put this guy on the cover of the mag one month before his release comes out –if this was just to promote his album. I am convinced that even the staff over at VIBE likes Lil Weeezy. ( side note: Most major magazine are on a 3 month advance so they been thought he was hot before the single )

Well enough of the rebuttals to the nah-sayers; face it the boy is talented and he will tell you plain and simple in this video below……….

Just give it up, the boy had been on over 70 songs in the past few months and he is killing the game for any new rapper plies that has come out today.

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