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Its no secret to anyone that Bobby Valentino has been having trouble with his label DTP but more importantly Def Jam. Bobby V has repeatedly mention to the media that he is not happy with his situation at Def Jam. Maybe Bobby V got what he wanted –as of now it looks like Bobby V is done with DTP.

Will Bobby V keep making music? Will he reunite with his Black Berry Molasses crew [MISTA]? We don’t know but this has been a long time coming and you can probably say that this might be a good deal for him.

"The Atlanta hip-hop scene and the Dirty South movement in general owe more than they can ever repay to Chris," Reid said via a statement. "Our friendship stretches back more than a decade and I never cease to be amazed at his imagination, creativity, and most of all his outrageous sense of humor."

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Bobby V might need to spread his wings a bit more because the dude is not a bad singer he is just not being promoted. When you got the Chris Brown and Ne-Yo’s out here-you must compete with the big dogs.

And now you got the boy groups making their way back in the market- it might be better for him to hook back up with is early 90’s group MISTA.

If you don’t already know, DTP just resigned a new label deal with Def Jam and obviously DTP Records had to evaluate who was coming along for the ride. I guess it is about that time for DTP to clean house when they have new artist like Serius Jones, Small World, Le Le (Female Rapper). It’s a new day at DTP Records and we wish BOBBY V the best!

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