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In Atlanta Georgia’s Clayton county School district there has been a delay in paychecks. After a month of not getting paid, the clayton county workers are pissed off about not getting their checks on the final day of the month.

"There was a data glitch in the process of taking care of the direct deposit," White said. "It wasn't an issue of not having the funds."
White could not say when employees will receive their pay, but said administrators informed employees and are working with officials at RBC Centura, the bank that handles the direct deposit accounts.
"We followed proper procedure on our side of the process in making the funds available for direct deposit, and are working with the bank to determine why the transactions were not completed," reads an e-mail from the district to employees. "It is our intent to get this issue straightened out as quickly as possible and to keep any inconvenience at a minimum."

Most Clayton County employees are worried as if this will be the begging of the bad news for the county. Recently the county has been under investigation – their accreditation is up for renewal and appears that it will be stripped as of September 2008.

"I have some money in the bank but not enough to cover everything. We only get paid once a month. I am just beside myself," said Scott, who has worked for the district for two years. "I'm really starting to wonder if they have the funds to pay us."

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