Micheal Jackson Dead ?

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What has the world come to these days? Now there is a vicious rumor going around about Michael Jackson, and immediately I didn’t think it was true until one of my loyal readers sent me this story that I thought was very true. For some reason I didn’t get past the first paragraph to see that it was such a hoax. I know the Jackson family has to be livid over this… especially Ms Jackson (if you nasty) – with her album out and everything. As much as people feel Mike has cause alot of hurt for himself and his family with all of his outside things from music, people would literally die if Mike passed away. Stories like this on the internet are WEAK.

Maybe we should take the time to give MJ some love because every rapper has probably sampled some of his works and every R&B dude has probably stole a few of his moves. Dust off your members only jackets, put on your patent leather shoes and throw your favorite song on your Myspace and say the hell with it and show MJ some love!

This picture is still kinda creepy to me but - who cares.. it's MJ

Micheal Jackson is Alive and Well !(Source )

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