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Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture? It seems a lil king-kongish... or maybe that's just me...


The Game is out of jail and released a statement apologizing for the conflicting information. He said upon his release he went straight into the studio to record tracks for his "street album" Big Dreams, due to be released to DJ's on March 18th. His album LAX (Los Angeles Times) is scheduled for release in June.

Jayceon Taylor, also known as Game, is now on probation and will eagerly begin his court-ordered community service.

After the dust has settled a bit around all the rumors about The Game’s incarceration status ( he’s a free man by the way) the rapper has come forth to personally apologize about all the miscommunication, via a statement. He writes, “I apologize for the conflicting news on my release, but due to the sensitive negotiations on this matter I felt it appropriate not to give an exact date on my release. I am truly grateful to my attorney, family and management for doing a great job in this respect. Upon my release I went directly to the studio with producers Cool & Dre and recorded several records including my street record ‘Big Dreams.’ Thank you to all my fans as well for the support.”

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