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This does not look good for Hillary Clinton and her camp but the Prostitute Snatcher New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was a strong backer of Clinton and her campaign.

The Horny slut bucket Governor was paying almost 50k a day for these escorts. What a way to use tax payer’s money. Look at what the New York Executive Branch produces, and you all want Hillary as your President. Pleaseeeeeeeee !

David Patterson is set to become the state’s first African-American Govenor! And get this, he is partially blind. He is stepping into place after being the former legislator and New York’s lieutenant governor since 2007!

The resignation would effectively end Mr. Spitzer's political career just 16 months after he was elected New York's governor by a wide margin. "But first he's dealing with this personal tragedy at home," this person said.
Still unclear is whether state or federal authorities will seek to prosecute him for his involvement.
Mr. Spitzer hired a prostitute in Washington on Feb. 13 and paid her $4,300.

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