Work Safe Video-If you have not laughed in 2days, please look at this video.....

By Premier on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 with 4 comments

Now I know some people will get offended by what I am going to say about this video but this young lady needs to sit her ass down. For all of my readers that believe I am giving her a hard time – you have lost your mind too.

Sometimes it is not about positively uplifting people because she should know that she has no earthly idea as to why she is making this video. …..

Did you listen to the chorus… NAW YOU COULD NOT HAVE HEARD THIS CHORUS… and really thought she was serious ..

I was literally waiting for her to burst out laughing …..

Notice the girl in that back “JAMMIN” you can’t tell her nothing either…..

I am actually falling out laughing do hard that I can’t even finish writing this post….

Look at the video [at] 1:44- the girl in the black shirt is “getting- it”….LOL

I have to slap the person that filmed this and edited this film !!!!

What is the funniest part of this video to you ???

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Anonymous said...
Thu Aug 28, 11:58:00 AM

Pleeease they could not have been serious on this video, they where a hot mess.....oh my oh my

Premier said...
Thu Aug 28, 05:24:00 PM

yes see ... you agree with me .. they should have been totally ashamed at what they was doing.. tell someone else about this video.. we have to blow up the discussion on this one !!!

Anonymous said...
Fri Sep 12, 01:39:00 AM

WOW....She was not serious and I cant believe someone would let her do that!!! Wha is going on out here? I agree she does need to sit her ass down!!! And if you are reading these comments youung lady, a word of advice...DONT YOU EVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN! Please & Thank You

Anonymous said...
Fri Dec 31, 12:37:00 PM

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