[Watch Video] Lil Wayne Gets Jumped by Crips in California + Is Lil Wayne a fake Gang banger ?

By Premier on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 with 1 comment

There has been many bloggers taking the time to play this video but it is quite disturbing. I don’t know what to feel about how Cali dudes act with the gang shit.

On the other hand, rappers including Lil Wayne claim to have ties with ‘Bloods’ or ‘Crips’ and tend to know live up to the madness.

If you look at this video, someone please tell me why would I walk into a suicide situation and get out the car and get blasted.

Watch how when someone does get in the car they all rush back to their cars.
Is Lil Wayne a fake Gang Banger?




Anonymous said...
Mon Mar 29, 08:50:00 AM

lil wayne is FAR from a FAKE GANG BANGER!!!! WTF he didnt get out of the car because it was ah bunch ov dudes whyy in the world would anyone want to get blasted by 30 deep dudes??? lil wayne is FAR! from scared ov them, if he was he wouldn't never had said anything on tha record so if all yall want to belive that hype go ahead cus I KNOW LIL WAYNE ISZ THA REELIST NIGGA ALIVE!