Turn Down the Booty Shaking and PLEASE turn up the Positivity!

By Premier on Monday, July 21, 2008 with 2 comments

I tend to try to read all the emails that people send me…and that is because I feel that I never want to miss anything that may happen in this world.

Just a few days ago I received an email about B.E.T and its outlandish network practices but even then I was still not amp’d on reading this email until I read one part; the part where it stated that it was too much Booty shaking .. DO you agree with this view….. read the article and let me know !!!

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Anonymous said...
Wed Jul 23, 11:22:00 AM

I have said it before, and I will definitely say it again. BET should feel obligated to the culture that they are portraying and supposed to be an outlet for, in a much more helpful, productive, positive, and useful way. Everything in black culture isn't about hip hop videos and young adults that spend money everyday in luxurious stores. It is time for them to get their wake up call. I truly hope they answer...

Premier said...
Wed Jul 23, 02:33:00 PM

Well I will say this in defense to our culture of "bling-Bling'... it is just an expression.. Where is falls victim to me is when it is glorified on places like BET as if it is the only thing that we do. But there is nothing wrong with it but even when reality shows show Black celebs they make sure they show them angry or even spending money.....

Just like the classic line -Luvenile said "Acting like a 'Nicca' who aint never had shit"

Sad but true !