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Well not quite… rapper MC Lyte is not to fond of the sentence that T.I. received for his possession of guns compared to women in the judicial system.

MC Lyte goes on to say the sentence handed down to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown was not fair and she is blaming it on the judicial system.
MC LYTE needs to sit her ass down on this one. No one really even cares about if a person is female or male in the judicial system. We need to worry about the hundreds of incarcerated African American Men in the judicial system. Lyte goes on to say

"After allegedly purchasing firearms and such, T.I. gets to stay home in the comfort of his luxurious Atlanta home, while nearly every woman in the game that has been taken in for something has either done time or (they're) waiting on pins and needles to know the outcome of their cases." And now she's speaking out about the trend for jailing her peers.
In a new Venuszine magazine interview, Lyte says, "There are mistakes that are made. It just so happens that women pay dearly for them."

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