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I’m finding it harder and harder to accept the band-wagon fans of Lil Wayne. In the grand scheme of things Lil Wayne is a good rapper and he has been from the “early Cash Money days.” So wipe your mouth from all the drool because it is true, Lil Wayne is here to stay. [No Homo]

After this Carter III new album release, non-believers need to jump on board for a celebration because Lil Weeziana made his way to 423K in sale for the first day.

Last year, Kanye West's Graduation first-day numbers evened out at 437,000, only three percent more as compared to Tha Carter III.

I know what you thinking, this is a non realistic number…. His record company bought half of the album. This is not a skewed number because it was evident when people was waiting in front many Targets and Best Buy all across the southeast; as if they were listening to the new Nelly Song-“Stepped on my J’s”

I guess it is time for some of you so-called experts to take heed! When you critiquing music and you want to be credible you need to listen objectively. Some of you reviewers probably could not even tell me a old verse to a Lil Wayne Track. If you are going to be a blogger, journalist, reporter, love to write your opinion online, or [ self proclaimed ] hip hop enthusiast please know what you are talking about and DO YOUR RESEARCH..

I could not believe it but even Diddy gave homage to Tha Carter III as he named Weezy "the greatest, youngest, rapper alive" earlier this week.

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