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I am not thoroughly convinced that this show is going to find the hottest rapper but I will say VH1 Miss Rap Supreme is hilarious. This is a show, if you have not already heard, is to find the hottest female rapper right now.

In deed, there are better female rappers out here but from this pool of girls it is minimal. They have the one hit wonder Khia-“My Neck MyBack”- on this show and acting as if she sold millions of copies. Why is this girl even trying out for the show? That is WEAK as hell. And I know you all are suckers for reality shows so we will keep you up to date on this.

Watch how Ms. Cherry almost get up in her ass!!!!


Khia look terriably a hot mess. And this Ms. Cherry girl, wow is all I can say. She is eating Khia alive with the witty come backs. She is milking her 5 mins of fame. By the ay Miss Cherry is from Atlanta so we figured we would try to get in touch with her to get an interview to talk to her about the show…. Check back with us.

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