By Premier on Thursday, January 31, 2008 with 2 comments

Why have we not revisited this issue of GAY marriages? It seem like the topic of discussion is Healthcare, Iraq, National Security that people would like to know about. But in fact there are several issues that have been visited at the beginning of these debates but have obviously been blanketed from the glitz and glamour of the political games.

Early on there were so many views discussed but have we lost the focus of what the American people really want. What happen to the GAY RIGHT ACTIVIST? Atlanta men and would that represent this community should be more appalled then I am because I don’t wish to partake in that activity but this needs to be ONE NATION, ONE AMERICA.

If you ever felt you were discriminated against for your race, religious faith, TAKE A STAND AND BE COUNTED IN THIS NEXT ELECTION. IT WILL BE A CHANGE.

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Sun Mar 21, 12:24:00 AM

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