Rapper T.I. can't win- Getting Sued for Child Support

By Premier on Thursday, September 11, 2008 with 0 comments


I cant even imagine this happening to T.I. at this point in time but there are some scandalous women out here. How could this women even want to take money from T.I. and he is about to go to jail ....

Apparently, Clifford Harris --AKA T.I. -- is being sued by ex-girlfriend Lashon Dixon for an increase in child support. The current agreement has T.I. paying $2,000 a month to Lashon in order to help with their sons' -- 8-year-old Messiah Ya'Majesty and 7-year-old Domani Uriah -- expenses, but according to the 29-year-old mother, she is no longer able to provide for the boys based on this income. Lashon is hoping that, with a court order, the judge will rule on a figure relevant to the 27-year-old's successful career.

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