Lil Wayne sets the record straight with the DJ DRAMA.

By Premier on Monday, June 02, 2008 with 0 comments

Drama-lil wayne

If you know anything about rap music , then you already know that Lil wayne has been doing mixtapes for far too long to even stand by his comments that he stated last week . If you have not heard the comments made in the interview [ LISTEN HERE ! ]

Like I mentioned last week about this comment, I know it had to be a tad bit of the sizzurp but also a tad bit blown out of proportion by some DJ’s.


If you so-called in the entertainment industry, why would you have soft skin, you cant have soft skin in this industry.

The situation was that Dj’s felt disrespected by these comments.

Big up to DJ Drama for getting the exclusive interview to make sure things were cleared up . And who rightfully so was a good fit to do it was “Mr. Thanksgiving” DJ Drama


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